Tuesday, April 17, 2007

2500 views and the value of video and Helloworld.

Today I received an email from a friend who introduced me to Helloworld a while back.
Apparently according to his words I'm a star - twice, and getting some excellent exposure in the comedy video competition and music video channels on their online TV station, making it to number 4 in the music section with over 2500 views in the last couple of months.
This is very encouraging and shows the value of creating video to combine with your music.

I did a comparison between Helloworld and Myspace and Youtube recently and discovered my music actually received more than 4 times more exposure on Helloworld than it did on Myspace and Youtube combined.
The other thing I noticed is that because it is a paid service, it seems to attract the kind of people who for some reason tend to value the content much more and there is more participation.
Perhaps this is the reason - friends telling more friends and so on...
(These are the kind of people who are also more likely to actually purchase something rather than a bunch of teenagers who are just surfing for something to entertain them).

Next post I'll share some helpful tips on how I went about actually creating a music video on an absolutely shoestring budget (I didn't even have a proper video camera!). and still get something decent enough to get high ratings.
Yes it can be done.

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