Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sex sells - but at what cost?

How much will a music career cost you?
Many musicians have become "molded" by the big labels to become something they shouldn't be and lots of artist hopefuls have fallen into the same trap - believing that compromising their values will promise them great success.

The reality is that while sex does sell there is a price to be paid.
Here's a brief list;
It will cost integrity and self respect.
The respect of others.
Sleepless nights of regret.
It's also true that like attracts like and if a performer portrays themselves in a sleazy way - guess what kind of company they will attract.

You only need to watch the downward spiral of many well known artists such as Britney Spears to see that this is true. (and no I don't hate Britney).
Becoming "sexier" instead of streetwise can potentially - and has destroyed countless lives.
Remember people are watching us, regardless of whether we are onstage or off, we are a role model.
With fame comes responsibility.

When I hear garbage on the radio from groups such as Nickelback singing "acting like we're animals - ain't nothing wrong with it". I seriously question what are they teaching?

If you are an indie who produces quality material then I applaud you.
Stand your ground and dare to be true to yourself.
Develop your character so that when the mud is thrown it won't stick.
You'll attract the right kinds of fans that will value you and your music, and you'll have the added bonus of being able to sleep at night.

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