Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Commercial radio - the definition of dull?

Has commercial radio lost it's edge?
I personally think that for some stations this is definitely the case.
I know of one particular local station here in Perth that runs in the background at our work that is a classic example of how bad things have become in the commercial radio arena.
This station commonly repeats newer tracks not once or twice but up to three times per day in order to fill up airtime (yes I've counted).
Has anyone else experienced similar?
I understand the appearing of the remix has become a more common phenomenon also in the last couple of years.
I believe this is partly to do with the big record labels - perhaps they are struggling to find original material that they believe will sell and bring in the same big dollars of yesteryear so are going back to the old faithfuls to try and do a rehash (if it sold once maybe it will do again).

This also explains the increasing number of music buyers who are looking to new sources (ie the indie artist and smaller labels) in order to get something fresh and original to listen to.

Ok, I'll quit my rant for tonight - it's rare I complain.
Let's get out there and produce some original music.

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