Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who is Bernie Journey? A review.

Bernie Journey.
Website/music review.

Here's an example of a musician who has identified a niche market for his music and has started to make some moves towards his career.
"Bernie Journey" got my attention with a catchy title so I wanted to know more...Turned out this was actually his real name (and here I was thinking it was something else) sorry Bernie.

Who does Bernie sound like?
While I'm not a fan of George Michael (I remember when WHAM was the big thing) it's clear that some listeners are and would probably love Bernie's music which has that "adult pop" feel to it and is reminiscent of George's later stuff or Depeche Mode (cut back electronic beats and synth).
The music itself, though not my style still wasn't bad and got my feet tapping.

There were some good honest reviews on the site and samples to download (including some mixes) which I think was a plus in the artist's favor.
I did have one criticism about Bernie's web page and that was a lack of photos of the artist - Just one which was featured on the album cover (and I'm hoping Bernie adds more to his site in the future).

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