Sunday, March 25, 2007

Extending the life of your music gear - quick tip.

Here's a quick tip I picked up from a professional live sound engineer I work with.
If you are using an amplifier either for your instrument as a foldback or PA or even for your studio, when powering up your gear follow this simple procedure.
Make sure your main volume is set to the lowest value (ie the furthest the knobs will go to the left) and then switch on, and THEN raise the level.
This prevents a large current level suddenly going through the circuitry and rapidly heating up the components inside (it is the quick heating up and cooling down of electronic components inside your gear that often leads to premature failure).
It will also prevent that dreaded "Thump" that echoes through your speakers (and is not good for them either).
By doing the above you'll reduce this shock effect on your amps and get more mileage from your equipment.

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