Saturday, December 30, 2006

An example of using video to promote your music.

Finally fixed my website issue and I'm back online although it will take up to 72 hours for my site to propagate through all the servers no major harm done - my hosting service was most apologetic (this is the first time I have ever had a problem such as this).
Ok enough said.
As mentioned in a previous post I'm currently using the Helloworld service to promote my music and have started to get set up on their virtual TV station.
Being low budget in what I had to work with (a digital camera that records video as opposed to a proper video camera and freeware video editing software) I have created my first music videos (or montages in this case)and the result isn't too bad at all.
Below is my first attempt which has been encoded into a number of formats (including one for video ipods).
(file runs for a little over a minute so may take a while to load if you have a slower connection).
As mentioned a couple of posts ago, I have a small number of free trials to give away for those serious about taking their music to a wider audience.
(Check earlier posts)
In the meantime, here's my sample video.

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