Friday, December 29, 2006

Monitoring your website - a vital tool in your online music sales.

Back from holidays I read my emails and was delighted to receive some notifications from CDbaby - 2 more CDs sold online (I need to send more to CDbaby) and the fan had bookmarked my website which was excellent.
I like to drop by my website every so often to check to make sure everything is working (Occasionally a link may not work due to a url change or I need to add an update).
Today was my big launch of video on my music site so I made my way to my website and was horrified to discover my site was completely down (Domain name had expired).
I had paid my fees a month ago but somehow the hosting sevice had missed this.
A great way to miss sales is to have your site down like this.
I have emailed support and will be following up with a phonecall at midnight to make sure everything is fixed.
The lesson:
Check your website regularly at least weekly (or perhaps more often) to make sure you're online and your visitors can still find you.
Also it's worth adding a stats counter to your site so you can monitor traffic and what effect changes you make to your site, advertising etc is having on the number of visitors coming to your website.

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