Monday, January 01, 2007

New Directory for indie musicians (and it's free).

Indie Musicians know the value of their music and the need to have their new music in front of new music lovers worldwide who are looking for new independent music. With limited budget given to promotions, indie musicians have to make a choice on where to spend their time and money for promotions.

The website, has made this an easy decision for indie musicians as listing is absolutely free and takes only a few minutes to submit.

In order to maintain a user friendly, spam-free, non-duplicated, valid, error-free, and comprehensive indie music directory, the site is edited a team of people who are passionate about music. This way any new music lovers will have an indie music directory as a quality new music source which will present them with valid indie musicians’ details and indie musicians will have a user friendly website to submit their music site details

New music lovers can submit reviews / ratings too.

This way, the indie music fans can provide their feedback for an Indie Musician’s or indie band’s website or music for other fans to read. This provides a feedback opportunity for fans towards their newly discovered indie bands / artists will be promoted via key music media outlets and websites as the portal to visit for new music.

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