Sunday, November 05, 2006

Helloworld Version 5 is now online.

Some of you may remember a previous post about VM direct and Helloworld.
I am happy to say that most of the features are now in place and people have already begun posting their music videos in preparation for future voting and the chance to get some quality exposure.
It is early days but I firmly believe this will be a huge boon for independent musicians and performers and anyone else who has desired the opportunity to showcase their talents both on the Net and TV.
I have been involved with VM direct for over a year now, both as a customer and affiliate, and have watched them bring in some exciting new technology and concepts that are very good news for us as artists.
This will give us the tools to empower us in our music promotion.
Sounds a bit like a revolution...

I'm personally going to be adding my own material in the future (I'm working on something really special as I want to do justice to the high quality video encoding they use on the site).

Note: this is a paid service for a powerful suite of products (that are only really limited to a person's creativity).
Some people may want to consider "Youtube" if they want something basic for "free" and plastered with adverts - but I personally believe if you want quality results and a professional image, then a paid service is the only way to go.
Check out the product examples and the musicians "Open Mic" video webcast.
Direct link to Version 5 of Helloworld is here.

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