Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ways to make money with your musical skills. Think outside the box.

Last week was a busy one (in fact the last 3 were a little crazy - hence the absence of posts).
My day jobs and weekend work got me thinking so I'll share a few thoughts here on how to use your musical skills to make a living - here's the tip for today:

There's money in kids.

If you enjoy working with children why not combine this with your musical talent and create a fun music class?
There are people out there who will throw money at you to do this (I personally have proven this to be true and run a couple of small classes at daycare centers and after school care which have been a hit with the kids and staff).
So get together with some likeminded individuals, do some research and get creative.

There's also money in adults.

I did some research on this and made some enquiries in my city and found it very easy to generate interest.
There are recreation community centres and similar that are always looking for fresh ideas - so if you are creative (which I assume you are, being musical) you may be able to create a music course of some kind.
Examples could be:
Teaching a musical instrument
Recording music
(or if you have recording equipment you could hire out yourself to assist people who may want to record a couple of songs for their own personal enjoyment).
If you build up a large client base (and think outside the gigs and CD sales "box" as the only way you can make a living from music) you can literally end up replacing your day job.

So there's a few ideas that if done right, can help you earn cash from your musical talents.

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