Saturday, June 10, 2006

Promote your music with streaming video. (A MUST READ).

This has simply got to be one of the best emerging ways to promote a band or solo artist online.

(Its called Helloworld and it will help level the playing field for all musicians wanting to promote their music in a way that will get them noticed).

I was really excited when I discovered this - so much so that I became an affiliate and user of the product suite (currently it has complete functionality on windows machines only which is a bit of a pain for us Mac users, but the company says they'll have a fully compatible version out in the future).

OK so what is "Helloworld" anyway?
Here's a brief description from another affiliate who gives a good picture of what is available and also in the pipleline of version 5 due for release later this year.

Imagine your own online virtual "TV station" video blog, podcasts and video email setup that is easy to use, is affordable and requires an absolute bare minimum of gear.
All hosting, encoding and streaming is handled online - all you need to do is upload your video footage or use a webcam to create your item.

Now even independant artists can promote their shows and create music videos at a fraction of what it cost the big players years ago - move over MTV, Sony and HBO, the independants are coming!

Now for something REALLY cool....

Have you heard of Artemis Records? They are the largest Independent Recording Label in North America. They have produced many Grammy Award winning artists and are very respected in the recording industry.
What will Helloworld be doing with them a few months down the road? Think about the TV show "American Idol" and then combine that with the Internet and these video streaming products.

Then combine that with every person that owns a computer in the world. Then combine that with a website that was popular a few years back called "HotorNot" where people could vote on how good-looking someone was. (Sounds crazy, but MILLIONS of people a day were going to that site.)

Then combine all of that with prizes, a recording contract and massive press on TV, the radio, newspapers, and one of the biggest word of mouth buzzes you have ever seen. Enough about this one for now. More information about the above coming soon...
Bookmark us and drop by again on August 1st and click the link Here where all will be revealed.

I'm currently experimenting with the Helloworld service at the moment and have been developing some excellent ideas using this to promote my own music.

PS this company will even pay you to share their service with others by becoming a distributor.
They promote by word of mouth and their products are only available through affiliates.


Alicia said...

Great idea - great site! Thanks for stopping by Hooterville; I'm glad you like the article. It's been pent up for so long! We are really the luckiest people - we get to do what we love. I'm 46 and still thrilled that i get to do music for a living after 30 years. That is success to me.

Rock on, my brother!

Cosy Pete said...

Dear Mark,

thanks for stopping bye my blog. You are one of only a few distinguished people to do so !!!

Love the site. You are a very talented man indeed. I'm listening to a few audio samples as I'm writing this. Very impressed. I've done a lit bit of live recording out and about but nothing up to your standard.

Have you checked out the
The Freesound Project you may want to donate a few sounds there to widen your fan base as it were.

Thanks again for stopping bye and keep up the top quality music.

Cheers Cosy Pete