Sunday, June 11, 2006

Consistency - promoting your music online.

One of the keys to being successful that I cannot stress too much is consistency.
That means taking regular steps each week to promote your music and getting traffic to your website.
Whilst major search engines are a good place to start, so are musicians directories, regular blogging and groups. Spend regular time linking to other sites and submitting your website to search engines.
Make sure your website works and check it regularly.
(nobody likes a slow loading site with flash that doesn't play (have a nice clean site that loads quickly).
Add interesting content about your music yourself etc but don't drown your visitors in pages of writing.
Keep it informative and to the point and add updates to keep your site dynamic.
Plan to do at least one positive thing each day to move yourself up the track towards your goals.
The fact is there is no such thing as an overnight success (The reality is that "ovenight" successes began years ago working through the "hard yards" before being "discovered").
Practice and hone your skills, allow yourself to be stretched.
It is said that a man's gifts make a way for him - develop your giftings and use them regularly.
Remember this is your career we are talking about.
Set yourself time to do this on a regular basis, get lessons, listen to what other skilled musicians are doing and learn from them.
Make it a priority to find out what works and apply these discoveries.
It is the consistent daily additions that will increase your exposure, develop your skills add to your online traffic and eventually sales of your music.

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