Sunday, September 28, 2008

Learning the piano and keyboard made easy.

Several months ago I was discussing music with a work colleague and how we wanted to develop our musical skills (and the huge number of tutorials and courses out there that you can purchase and how they vary in quality).
Colin was keen on the keyboard and I mentioned to him the frustration I had in trying to find a decent set of beginner piano lessons aimed more towards adults that would help me to get a handle on playing for myself.
He told me about a great set of tutorials from Pianoforall that he found useful and he showed me a few of the lessons.
I purchased the series for myself and took it for a test drive and was pleasantly surprised.

Basically what you get for your money is a series of 10 PDF ebooks embedded with 500 Audio clips and 200 Videos that explain everything in an easy to understand format.
The books take you from the basics through to more advanced playing in a series of steps so you don't get lost (and you don't play boring material!).
The author, Robin Hall has really put a great deal of thought into this program and it shows.
Currently for a limited time Robin is offering his course for half price ($39.95) so it would be worth grabbing a copy either for yourself or as a gift for a friend.


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