Monday, June 04, 2007

DCbaby launches new DIY music promotion podcast.

I've always been a big fan of CDbaby.
Here's their latest news:

Calling all artists! The folks at CD BABY have done it again, offering another fun and innovative tool for learning and finding success as a musician. Horah! It's a FREE bimonthly internet broadcast (known as a podcast) of interviews with musicians, Lawyers, promoters, business owners, as well as many others. All from the perspective of the do-it-yourself musician!
Drop by the podcast site here.


brandon mc said...

CD Baby is a an indie musician's best friend. not only do they do everything they can to help out, but they are genuinely nice folks over there. their passion for music shows in everything they do.

sweet blog, by the way. i have a rather new blog over at that deals exclusively with Christian Indie Music. i'd love for you to stop in and say hello sometime!

brandon mc

brandon mc said...

i added your link over at

thanks, man!