Sunday, March 11, 2007


The band that I play in averages an audience of around 1700 to 2000 people as well as exposure both on national and international television so it's no surprise that professionalism is an integral part of what we do as musicians.

Professionalism is a vital ingredient for any band or solo artist who wants to go somewhere in life.
It means early arrivals to events for setup and soundchecks.
It means practice sessions at times when you'd rather be doing something else.
It means making a commitment.
Turning up on time and being there - being reliable.
And it means having a good attitude.

All these things feed a positive vibe into the band (and also inspires confidence in those who hire you).

Our band leader, who has been a professional performer both in his own right and as backing for some of the big names in the industry, reminds us of the value of what we do and the importance of professionalism.

Last week we said goodbye to a team member who was fired (and justifiably so) because of a lack of this in their life. (It was a sad moment but it had to be done, both for the smooth operation of the band and for the benefit of the ex member that they might lean something that will help them grow in character).

Listen, if you are in a situation where you have band members who are simply not prepared to show up on time (if at all) or have a bad attitude you are better off saving yourself the heartache and stress by letting them walk and finding someone else.
Who cares if they can play the best licks?
I personally would prefer one team member with less current "ability" but a really good attitude who is willing to do what it takes to learn and grow into a skilled artist than ten guys or girls with eighteen albums to their name with credentials as long as their arm but with a sucky attitude.

Professional attitudes create professional results.

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