Monday, March 12, 2007


Here's the "buzz" (sorry about the pun) I picked up recently on a new promotion site.
BandBuzz - the only community driven music promotion platform where you can see the results. Sign up, build your profile and become one of our pioneering bands as you upload music that will be reviewed, rated and ultimately heard by thousands. Each person who votes, comments or reviews your music will be automatically added to your FanBase, a collection of like-minded individuals who you can contact about your new songs, albums, shows and more.
Soon you will be able to plan events, send scheduled mailings and even sell your music, all right here. Like a mix tape for the modern world, enables you to share your music with the world. Users of the site can discover new bands, listen to music, learn about shows in their city and share their thoughts with the bandBUZZ community.
There is absolutely no charge to list your band or its music.

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