Saturday, March 03, 2007

Monitoring your recordings - more info for your studio.

Today I wanted to talk about the output end of a recording studio since this is often a weak link in the system that can get neglected.
Regardless of how good your material is it's pointless trying to mix and adjust anything without a decent monitoring setup.
Basically "monitors" are high quality speakers constructed specifically for the recording studio.
The difference between these and your average Hi Fi system boxes is that they are designed for the relatively "flat" output of sound across the spectrum that the human ear can pick up with an output that does not increase or reduce some frequencies more than others.
(Hi fi speakers on the other hand are designed to make music sound "better" by boosting or reducing certain frequencies).
Monitors provide an accurate way of listening to your recording and any adjustments that you make along the way.

I personally use a set of KRK monitors which give me a good picture of what I have recorded and mixed.
Other brands of good repute include Tannoy,Yamaha JBL, and Event.

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