Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Promote your music with your own virtual TV station.

Want some powerful online tools for DIY promotion?
I have been experimenting with the Helloworld suite of products after opening an account last year and I have come to the conclusion that this is an amazing toolbox for any musician serious about promoting their music with streaming video.
I have recently posted material on their online TV station which is already generating a flow of good traffic and puts me in the running to win prizes and a spot on national TV.
Some musicians are also opting for broadcasting their live shows.
You can also podcast, videoblog and send streaming video via email which is guaranteed to get attention (and you can easily add video to your website - All the coding is done for you).
What I really love is the creativity I have with these tools and their ease of use.
While YouTube and Myspace have their place (I have used both) I think the old saying "You get what you pay for" is true.
For less than the price of a movie and burger per month I can have the same tools available to the big players which levels the playing field.
Move over commercial TV, the indies are coming....

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Pelham said...

Some of your reads might benifit from some of the things on this site below.


It contains booking information for a lot of the clubs in the New England area along with contact info for promoting shows around Boston/MAss/NH.