Sunday, September 03, 2006

Digital Distribution.

Should an independant artist submit their music for digital distribution?
I personally have found digital distribution (ie through iTunes and Rhapsody) to be a worthwhile move.
It has been an excellent way to not only get some great coverage, but also make some extra cash along the way.
Since it is becoming rarer these days that an online customer would purchase an entire album but tends to mix and match their favourite songs it makes sense to be able to offer individual tracks instead of missing out on a sale.
Digital distribution has shown me some interesting information about my music.
Tracks that I personally thought where not my top choice have turned out to be my best sellers!
People still download entire album but usually go for 2 or 3 tracks.
Simpler solo compositions have done well.
I can make almost as much money via a digital album download as opposed to mailing off a hard physical copy of my CD.
My recommendation?
Do definately consider making your music available as a digital download.

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