Sunday, August 06, 2006

Write it down. Plan it. Do it.

A wise person once said
If you aim for nothing - that's what you will hit.

Remember to write down your music career goals and refer to them regularly - This will keep you focussed.

Get some good advice and formulate a plan of attack by breaking up your goals into smaller achievable steps.
Write down how you intend to get there.

Start today by doing something constuctive.

It is amazing how many people tell me they want to get an album out, become famous and sell a millon copies.
But when I ask them what are they actually doing now to get there it usually is nothing or "I'm waiting for a sponsor to notice me".
(20 years later these people are still waiting).

Success is built on small steps forward repeated day after day after day.
It means not giving up, making the necessary changes and sacrificing the comfort now in order to enjoy the rewards later.

Here endeth the lesson.

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