Saturday, August 19, 2006

Roadie and Muso memories.

It's 10:30 AM on a Saturday and I'm a dealing with an infection behind one of my lower wisdom teeth and the pain is a steady throb (thankfully I was able to get a dentist appointment so things should be better soon, though it may mean a visit to surgery).
Last night was a good gig despite this annoyance.
We were able to use the in house system which is high quality and only needed to bring in 3 loads of gear (as opposed to 5) which meant foldbacks, mixer,mics,stands and leads without the heavy front of house subs or lighting equipment.
This meant a quicker packdown and getting home at 2 AM instead of 3 - 3:30AM
Such is the life of a roadie.

The band we work with is very professional and has their performance down to an art - consequently they get the gigs at many of the corporate events (much of it by word of mouth and referals from happy customers).

Last night was for an electrical fittings company, the previous 3 were for a finance company, real estate and a car distributorship.
Most of these are held in function rooms at some very classy locations such as the casino showroom and the Sheraton here in Western Australia.

So you can see if you are willing to do the work, get the permissions and do cover songs it is possible to develop a good earning on the side as you build up your own original material.

You needn't be restricted to clubs either as I have shared.
The great thing about this is that many of the attendees work office jobs and have contacts where you can often get other gigs.
We personally have done setups from everything from large corporate events to outdoor Christmas shows and it's a great way to make new contacts.

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