Saturday, August 19, 2006

Now THIS is really cool- showcase your talent to the world on TV (an update)

Some of you may remember my June archives article on using streaming video to promote your music.
Well here is a taste of what is just around the corner (the site is currently in Beta but should be fully functional in just a few weeks.
Check out the link "Be Discovered" which is of particular interest to musicians and other performing artists.
I believe this will literally open up a whole new world of opportunity for artists and stomp all over any other service currently offered on the web - putting professional tools into our hands.
Imagine - a TV show promoting indie artists!

I'll be posting an official announcement when this launches so bookmark this blog.
I'm going to also to be giving away a free thirty day trial to one lucky person who wants to promote themselves using this incredible technology.
More on that later - keep in touch.
Can't wait and want to try out what is available now?
You can drop by and visit the current functional site here
I'm off to do some filming...

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