Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook and more...

Why is it that some artists and labels prosper while others encounter only frustration and obscurity? The answer is fairly simple: The successful ones have learned that to get ahead, they must abandon the traditional methods and discover the secrets of "Guerrilla Music Marketing."
With this manual, you'll discover that music marketing doesn't have to be expensive to be effective. Whether you're promoting a fast-growing indie label or a one-man or one-woman act from your basement, the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook gives you the tools you need to get the maximum bang for your buck!
Bob Baker is the author of "Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook," "Unleash the Artist Within" and "Branding Yourself Online." He also publishes, a web site and free e-zine that have been delivering marketing tips and inspirational messages to music people of all kinds since 1995. Get your FREE subscription to Bob's e-zine by visiting today.

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