Thursday, March 06, 2008

New website - how to create and record music at home.

Just launched my new website.
This is the resource site for anyone wanting to create, record and promote their music. From experienced musicians to absolute beginners there are articles, tips and links to help you get started in your musical journey. Always wanted to play the piano, guitar, bass, violin (or some other musical instrument) but did not know where to start? Dreamed of putting together your own songs and recording them on CD to give to family and friends -or maybe something bigger? - Perhaps your own personal recording studio and producing material that will get radio airplay or even a record deal? While I can�t promise the record deal or radio airplay (that�s up to you) this site will help you get kick-started in the first steps (or leaps) into the amazing world of music creation, home recording and promoting your music.

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Arizona Recording Studio said...

This looks like a really helpful and resourceful site. I think it's great for musicians to be able to create their own recording in a cost-effective way so they can hear the result of their compositions. Once they get their material onto a demo disc, it's much easier for recording studios like us to evaluate the music.