Monday, October 08, 2007

Ian Dicko (Australian Idol) says it again on Nova.

Sometimes I just don't get this.
While I understand and work in the music industry there are moments that make me want to tell producers and the like to grow up and get over their issues.
Today was that kind of day.
Early afternoon Perth with Nova969 playing in the background at work and the conversation turns to the current leading contestants of Australian Idol.
Ian Dickson (Dicko to us Aussies) mentions that the top four in the group are from Hillsongs Church in Sydney and expresses his dislike of this and that we should not have too many christians in the top.
The suggestion is made they are sponsored by Hillsongs and that maybe they should sing a few songs about the devil in order to make it a level playing field.
(I thought this was a garbage comment and completely irresponsible).
(Note a previous winner also from Hillsongs was Guy Sebastian - a great guy who deserved to win).
The hosts then conduct a phone in and callers suggest songs such as "Highway to hell" as next possible songs the contestants should sing.
Clearly our singers are there because they have a gift and genuine ability to sing - and excellent attitudes (This is obvious) and they deserve the votes they receive. True talent is recognized universally.

This makes me seriously question the reasoning or maybe integrity is a better word for those in the music industry who focus more on compromise than true artistry (and their issues with anything that challenges their own belief system).

As for the contestants and Hillsongs as a whole I'm right behind them - and all other artists who won't be owned by a record label - stick with your integrity and continue to do what is right.

Ok guys I'm done .


Sandra said...

On Idol tonight, the remaining contestants were asked who was from Hillsong. Dicko's favourite, Marty, raised his hand jokingly for a moment. No one else raised their hand - and apparently it's true that none of them are from Hillsong. The 'too many Christians' comment was interesting. Maybe future contestants will be grilled about their religion.(lol)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I wonder what the response would be if he made this comment about Jews or those from othe faiths...
But then I forgot, Christians are fair game.

Sandra said...

Please ignore my previous post. I've just heard from someone who says you took what you heard out of context. She says:

"This person has got the wrong end of the stick. I listened to that show and Dicko, Mark & Chrissie were making fun of the Today Tonight reports. They were not criticising Christians or Hillsong. They were being sarcastic about the 'allegations'."

Onlinewow said...

It's been interesting the comments on both sides.
I have had some time to seriously think about what I had written and although I understand the reasoning of everyone who has posted something I still stick with my original conclusion of the general lack of responsibility of the presenters at Nova.
Tell me why on earth would you have a phone in to suggest songs for contestants to sing that go against their beliefs or convictions?
It's practically a direct challenge - do this to prove yourself.
A true artist does not have to break their own rules to get a record deal or be accepted.