Sunday, March 18, 2007

Selling your music as soundtracks for film and Television

Have you considered selling your material as a soundtrack for film or television?
There are companies out there that will purchase good quality royalty free music for use in advertisements, film, documentaries etc.

I discovered Production Trax and thought it looked interesting and a possible outlet.
There is a setup fee (one time) of $9.95 to cover hosting.
Here's some of the blurb I copied from the site:

Sell Your Digital Content Online
Royalty Free Music, Sound Effects, Stock Footage, & Photos is the online home for some of the world's leading composers of production music and sound effects, as well as video and film producers, and photographers. Create a contributor account and sell your production music, stock footage, sound effects, or photos for royalty free use in film, television, video games, live performances, and other multimedia projects.

Might be worth taking a closer look.

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griffin said...

very cool stuff. would def like to chat some more. check out my blog at as it follows along some of the same things you are talking about. we mostly will sell video footage, photos and audio clips so we may have some overlap. best of luck and hit me up. john