Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lessons from the Idol Series.

Lessons from Idol.
It has been interesting to watch the Idol series on TV.
Here in Australia we have our own show, however the programme is very similar to the US and other worldwide versions.
I have put together a few principles I have gleaned from the show as pointers to help anyone in their music career (particularly when doing competition work).

Perform for the fans in a style and song that is familiar.
This is particularly true for emerging artists (I'm not saying here to not be different) but to select material that appeals to a broader audience.
It should be like a "worn in" pair of jeans - familiar and comfortable to you and individual too but also" wearable" for the audience so they can "pick up the vibe".
Song choice can make or break - there's always room for less known or original material later.

Connect with your listeners.
Share the story - shed a tear if it's real- if you need to fake it, don't do it.
Relate to them - eye contact - share a part of who you are.
You job as a performer is to touch the heart of your audience.

Be real.
This is you.
Not an imitation (although there will be elements of your style that are similar to those who you have leaned from.
The world does not need another 50cent clone or Aguliera lookalike.
If you perform in their style that's fine but you are you and ultimately that is what needs to come out.

Be willing to grow.
Last year's winner of Australian Idol Guy Sebastian told this year's contestants to be willing to extend themselves and be stretched.
I believe he was saying that pressure can be a good thing if it is harnessed correctly.
An opportunity to grow and step out of the comfort zone if what has worked in the past and into the uncharted territory should never be missed.
Hone your playing skills, work your vocal range and extend it beyond what you know you can currently do.

Give yourself permission to shine.
This is your moment to give it your all so do so.
The truth is most people WANT to see you to succeed and they are not out hoping you will make a mess of things.
While we all have been shaped according to our circumstances - we do have the choice as to how we respond to the opportunities before us.
Go for it!

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