Friday, September 15, 2006

How a hospital visit turned into radio airplay.

Yesterday was a mixed bag of pain, surgery and opportunity.
I wanted to share this story as an encouragement that even seemingly unpleasant situations can have a hidden blessing (If you know where to look).
My day began in preparation for a 3 hour surgical operation that (hurt both physically (my face is less 5 teeth and a cyst that was eating away into my jawbone, and financially - I said goodbye to a couple of grand that day but I am grateful to be alive).
Before leaving home for the operating theatre, I remembered the rule of niche marketing and promotion - so I grabbed a copy of my album and handed it to the anaesthetist as a "thankyou present" for allowing me to pay off my bill in installments instead of up front.
Explaining the album to him and the style I produce (instrumental relaxation) he suggested we play it in the operating theatre.
So while I was being worked on my music was playing in the background...

The result was that the head surgeon heard it, knew a radio DJ who worked part- time as a receptionist in his office and invited me to drop by with a copy.
The end result is I now have another contact who will play my music over the airwaves, which means more exposure, sales and a possibly a live interview.

Just goes to show that the open doors are there if you are willing to think outside the box.
So do keep your eyes and ears open, understand your target audience and look for those unexpected opportunities.

To your music success.

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