Thursday, July 06, 2006

Live music is not dead - it's in transition. Are you?

House concerts are one of the most important trends in independent music today. Musicians across the country are discovering a wonderful alternative to playing in smoky clubs and noisy coffeehouses - performing in people's homes. House concerts are a great way to connect with new audiences.

"I love house concerts - they are the emotional anchors of every tour." -- Hans York

There's just something about house concerts. The intimacy really allows a deeper connection to the audience, and that connection often leads to strong merchandise sales and lifelong fans.

Is this for you?
Generally, house concert hosts are seeking solos, duos, and small trios that can perform mostly original material with little or no amplification. They are seeking professionals who can perform 60 to 90 minutes of strong material. Hosts usually collect $10 - $15 donations from the guests, and the only financial guarantee is that you'll get most or all of that money. is the most complete and up-to-date source of house concert information on the web. It is also the leading the charge in creating more of these opportunities nationwide. For just $25/year (a fraction of what you'd make from a single show,) you can promote your act to the growing house concert community. There's no contract and it's quick and easy to join.


Be a part of the growing house concert movement. Here are some of the benefits of joining

*Pay no commissions
*Perform for friendly, attentive audiences with little or no sound equipment.
*Create a professional artist listing to attract house concert hosts and music-lovers to your talent.
*Find house concert opportunities quicker and easier than ever before.
*Create your own opportunities with free helpful tools.
*Help fund a nationwide campaign to create more house concerts.


The low-down on house concerts.

How things are at the moment: (the bad news)

The house concert community is generally made up of hundreds of very loosely affiliated folk music fans. They are generally interested in folk, contemporary folk, singer-songwriter, bluegrass, country/americana, and some celtic. If you perform rap, hard rock, cover tunes, or electronic music, you won't find much interest from them.

However, if your music fits, there's another hurdle. Many of the current house concert hosts aren't looking for new acts - at least not online. They go to festivals, and usually book people they have seen before. They host two to twelve shows per year, so there's not a ton of opportunity out there.

What's going on now: (the good news)

I'm proud to say we are a big part of the good news.
1. Few people in America know what a house concert is, and fewer still have ever been to one. How is that good news? It shows the enormous upside potential here. is leading the charge to make "house concerts" a popular way to see live music, and a great source of new fans for artists.
2. Through the web, it is now easier than ever before for artists and concert hosts to find each other. is already the most comprehensive, up-to-date resource for house concerts in America. As more hosts join the site, you'll be able to easily find the ones that make sense for you, and contact them directly.
3. A larger community will open up to different kinds of artists. Why not poets, children's performers, instrumental or flamenco guitar? Any act that can fit into a living room might eventually find a fan here.
4. Artists are actively growing the market. Every time they play a house concert, they have a good chance to convert a fan into another house concert host. provides them both with the tools to turn that spark into another great show. This new host might then enjoy the experience so much that they start booking other artists.

What will happen (the best news).

Artists from around the globe will discover that there is a great alternative (O.K. - supplement) to performing in noisy coffeehouses and bars. Music fans are creating places where you can perform instead of distract, where you can connect instead of practice, and where you can be treated like an artist instead of a meal-ticket.

Music fans will discover that live music is something to be cherished, not stumbled upon while ordering a cup of coffee. They will re-learn to listen to the unique, instead of bobbing their heads to the mainstream.

Live music is not dead. It's in transition. Are you?

fran snyder - the most comprehensive and up-to-date house concert site on the web.

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